The Pilaf:

The Tikka Marinade:

The Tikka Sauce:

  1. The Pilaf:

    • Cook Quinoa as instructed on thepack.
    • Wash brown rice very well.
    • In a pan, add coconut oil and sauté onion, garlic, ginger, curry leaves, cumin seeds andred chilli.
    • Add the washed rice and gently mix.
    • Add water and Knorr Chicken Stock Powder.
  2. The Tikka Marinade:

    • Marinate overnight cubed chicken breast in 200 grams of the yogurt, curry powder, Knorr Chicken Stock Powder & Knorr Lime Powder.
    • Remove chicken from marinade, grill them over charcoal or on a flat top grill.
  3. The Tikka Sauce:

    • Preheat the pan with coconut oil, cook onion, ginger, garlic.
    • Season with cumin, cinnamon and chili.
    • Add water and Knorr Tomato Powder.
    • Stir in the remaining yogurt and the chicken cubes.
    • Adjust seasoning with salt, black pepper and Knorr Chicken Stock Powder.
    • Cook until right consistency and chicken is cooked.
    • Serve with the pilaf.