When it comes to tea, there’s tea and there’s exceptional tea. What sets the two apart is the thought and care that goes into making the tea and the environment in which it is served. 

In today’s world of endless customer choice, this is a valuable lesson to carry forward. If you want to attract new customers and retain excitement among existing ones, you need to create a tea experience that will intrigue and delight them. Pure Leaf with its thoughtful philosophy could be just the answer.

Pure Leaf believes that making memorable tea isn’t a process to be rushed, instead it’s a sensorial experience to be enjoyed and shared with your guests

Pure Leaf’s silken pyramid tea bags are filled with exceptional tea leaves that are gently released during brewing to create a rich, smooth tea flavour. Together with your team, explore Pure Leaf’s eight tea varieties. Discuss their origins, quality, flavour notes and the best way of serving them; this will enable you to deliver a more memorable and welcoming guest experience.

Guests will be mesmerized as they watch their cups of tea come to life, flavour and colour infusing slowly and delightfully through water of optimal temperature. Steeped for the ideal amount of time, the infusion process is almost as soothing as the taste of the tea itself, and it’s something guests will return for time and time again!  

Watch this video for tips on making the perfect cup of Pure Leaf Earl Grey. 

How to serve perfect tea (pyramid teabag preparation)


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