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Limiting our diet to a narrow selection of grains, pulses and veg restricts our access to the amazing diversity of flavour and goodness that nature offers.

With a growing world population and worries about climate change, we all need be mindful of what we are eating. With this in mind, Knorr has been working in partnership with WWF to bring you the Future 50 Foods report, a line-up of 50 ingredients selected for their taste, nutritional value and low environmental impact that we should all consider using in our kitchens. We’ve broken down the report into four booklets. This booklet on Cereals, Grains and Fruit-Vegetables focuses on some of the most important foods for our future:

Cereal and grains

Crops such as amaranth, buckwheat, millet and teff are often more adaptable to changeable weather and less fertile soils. Check out our Crispy Duck with Buckwheat recipe to see how you can incorporate this super-nutritious ingredient into a menu-worthy main dish.

Fruit - vegetables

Ingredients like pumpkin flowers and okra should take pride of place on your menu. This delicious Okra Hush Puppies recipe brings a fresh twist to an American classic.

Explore this Future 50 Foods booklet to discover so much more about cereals, grains and fruit-vegetable foodstuffs and how to use them!