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As chefs, it’s tempting to continue using tried and tested recipes and ingredients to please your customers, but what if those foods were to run out?

Knorr, in partnership with WWF, is trying to make a difference by promoting 50 foods for the future that are tasty, good for your health, and that have the minimum impact on our environment. Check out the Future 50 Foods report for more detail about the challenges facing the global food system and how we can help as individuals. We’ve put leafy greens, mushrooms and nuts and seeds into one helpful booklet for you:  

Leafy Greens

We should all be eating more leafy greens, and luckily there are loads to choose from. We feature nine in our 50 Foods list: some are best raw, some taste amazing sautéed, and they vary from mild and bittersweet to sharp and sour.


Mushrooms can grow where many other foods would not, including on by-products recycled from other crops. They’re earthy, meaty and mysterious, giving an umami depth to your dishes. Discover the delights of lesser-known varieties, to the delight of your customers.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are versatile kitchen ingredients. We delve into the stand-out seeds such as flax and sesame – which are featured in this Tofu Hummus and Savoury Granola recipe – in the booklet.

Discover more about leafy greens, mushrooms, nuts & seeds and how they can improve your menu. Download the booklet now!

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