Loyalty points

You may have created some very persuasive posts describing how good your Iftars are or dreamt up several enticing seasonal offers. But if you want lots of people to see your social-media marketing messages and fill your restaurant’s tables, follow this advice.

Pick the right platform

While it’s sensible to promote your business across a range of social media websites and apps, it’s good to know which one will be best for your marketing objectives.


Want to start a positive, brand-boosting dialog with customers about your Ramadan dishes or events? Put a post about it on Facebook and ask people to comment. And if you want to advertise to a wider group of people than your followers, a boosted post is an inexpensive option. You can filter the audience so it’s seen by the right people, too.


Instagram is known for reaching a more youthful, under-30 audience. It’s picture-led, so is a great place to post glamorous shots of your restaurant’s front of house or your dishes. It’s visual and interactive - if you want people to click through to a booking form from a post for example.


This app great for sending your followers instant exclusive discount codes and bonuses, such as a free drink with every meal.


These posts can reach a very wide audience, especially if you can persuade food influencers to retweet them.

Plan yout posts

Rather than just putting things on social media when you’ve got a spare moment, take time to work out when your post will really get people’s attention. An Instagram post of your refreshing Passion Fruit Lemon Iced Tea  might be very tempting during a hot and thirsty Ramadan afternoon. A Facebook post about your filling Beef Stew with Cheddar Dumplings  will appeal to people planning what to eat a couple of hours before sunset.

Create your posts in advance, so you’re not rushing to do them just before or during service. Use programmes such as Hootsuite to schedule them and publish them automatically.

Be consistent

If you post regularly people are more likely to follow you and come to try your food. Post only sporadically, and they’ll ignore you or assume your restaurant doesn’t have a lot to offer. Instagram’s algorithm will prioritise posts with lots of engagements (likes, comments) so you risk not being seen at all! Be wary of posting too much, even during Ramadan, and putting them off, however. 

Get smart with search

On Twitter and Instagram posts, use phrases and hashtags that lots of people might be looking for, such as #sawn, #iftar or #samboosa. Always include your restaurant’s name as a hashtag on Instagram, too.

let your customers do the work

Encourage diners to post pictures of their experience at your restaurant on their social media. Ask them to include your social media handles, which you can print on menus, websites and promotional material. On Facebook, invite people to join a community page about your restaurant.

Don’t forget, having social media means more ways for diners to interact with you. If diners make complaints about your restaurant in this public way, engage with them swiftly and politely. It’s good PR to show how seriously you take customer service. Have set times to do this every day during Ramadan, however busy you get.