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Forget safe, neat, boring sandwiches. The American way is to stuff the tastiest, crunchiest, sauciest fillings you can think of in-between anything that resembles bread.

Nothing is out of bounds. From battered seafood to Asian flavours. Paired with classic sides, every bite tastes like freedom.

When it comes to a burger and a sandwich, the rules are slightly different in the United States. A burger involves a minced beef patty, and only a minced beef patty. If you’re talking about chicken or tuna, then that’s a sandwich. 

With burgers, it’s a case of go big or go home. Big on flavour, big on taste. Just like this recipe:

The rich beef patty is sauced up with a trendy avocado mayo and complemented with local shawarma seasoning, for a cross culture flavour trend.

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