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Vegan Chocolate Mousse:

  • Dark chocolate 70% 540.0 g
  • Non-dairy milk 400.0 ml
  • Avocado, flesh removed, pureed 775.0 g
  • Chickpea water 140.0 g
  • Vanilla extract 10.0 ml

Designed for professional chefs, check out this Vegan Chocolate Mousse recipe: cooking instructions broken into components, full list of professional ingredients, chefs’ preparation secrets.



  1. Vegan Chocolate Mousse:

    • Over double-boiler, melt chocolate and non-dairy milk until smooth. Cool completely.
    • Fold chocolate mixture into avocado, cover with film touching surface and refrigerate.
    • In a stand mixer with a whisk attachment, whip chickpea water until soft peak stage, add vanilla.
    • Fold chickpea meringue into the chocolate-avocado mixture. Serve immediately into 10 ramekins/mason jars.
  2. Chef’s Tip:

    • Change up this base recipe by adding orange zest or replace the vanilla extract with peppermint extract for a fresh flavor!