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As chefs, we have a direct impact on the global food system, whether through choosing better, fresher ingredients or ensuring that we source these ingredients sustainably. Diners are becoming more curious about where their food comes from and are slowly starting to make their culinary choices based on the impact the food will have on both their diet and the planet.

Cooking with the Future 50 Foods is a fantastic way to offer nutrient-rich, environmentally friendly meals. Our selection of tempting recipes below can help start your journey towards a sustainable kitchen.

Tofu Hummus with Savoury Granola

Sweet, savoury, spicy, crunchy – it’s all going on with the flaxseed and sesame topping for this creamy hummus, where tofu replaces traditional chickpeas.

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Hush Puppy with Okra

Soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside, these addictive morsels of deep-fried okra in a cornmeal batter make a perfect appetiser, served with a smoky mayo dip.

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Sweet Potato Pie

A luxurious dessert with health benefits? Yes, it really is possible with our Sweet Potato Pie recipe. Refresh your dessert list with this delicious, chocolatey offering.

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Crispy Duck with Buckwheat

Who knew superfoods could be this indulgent – flavoursome, pilaf-style buckwheat packed with spices sits underneath succulent confit duck legs in this Asian fusion recipe.

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