Loyalty points

If you’ve followed our advice on creating great marketing content, you’ll be in a strong position to pull in new customers for your Iftar and Suhoor offerings. It’s important to take steps to ensure this content gets seen by the right people!

Secure a spot early

Ramadan isn’t just an incredibly busy time for us chefs. Everyone from clothes shops to toy manufacturers do lots of business during the period, too. Many will be vying for limited advertising space across print, the Internet and other media. Some publications get booked up weeks or months ahead of time. Book your advertising slots as soon as you can, so you don’t miss out.

Get your website ready

Once people hear about your restaurant, they’ll want to know more. The first place many people will go, is the internet! So before you start your marketing, it’s a sensible idea to have a well-designed, informative website up and running. Include the basics - your address, phone number and an up-to-date menu at the minimum. You can pull in more diners with an online reservation form, too. Cover all bases by making your site works well on smartphones and tablets too. 

Switch on to social media

One of the cheapest and easiest ways for chefs to promote their business is through social media. People spend millions more hours on the likes of Facebook and Instagram during Ramadan and they’re often talking about food – particularly in the hungry hours anticipating Iftar! Make sure you have a strong social presence, from promotional offers to glamorous pictures of your dishes. Learn more here

Use review websites

They may make uncomfortable reading if a diner gives you a bad write-up, but sites such as Trip Advisor can also be a great way to increase eyes on your restaurant. Make your restaurant’s profile includes a menu and links to booking forms.


You can use these to keep customers informed of special Ramadan dishes, discounts, events and more. Invite people to register their addresses through your social media feeds, adverts and in person at the restaurant. 

Make it mobile

Mobile phone advertisements are particularly good for restaurants, as potential customers are often already out and about when looking for somewhere to eat. People are on their phones to relatives and friends more during the holy month, too, with almost five times as many calls made in our region. Think about using QR codes in your print adverts and marketing leaflets so people can access offers and more details of your business through their smartphones. Promotional text messages can work really well, too.

local press and bloggers

Target diners from your area with adverts in local papers and on community websites. A cheaper way of getting the same sort of coverage, however, is inviting journalists and bloggers to cover a charity event you’ve organised or sample your new Ramadan menu.

Low tech winners

Sometimes the old ways are still very much the best. Noticeboards and signs outside your restaurant publicising your Iftar menu before Ramadan begins, can capture passing trade.