Loyalty points

Operators need to make sure they deliver good profits while navigating the unique set of challenges Ramadan presents! 


Here  are 3 tips to maintain your profitability and manage waste:

1)  Streamline your menus

Prior to the season, it would be a good time to do menu engineering and remove or temporarily stop serving items that are low in profit & popularity, highly perishable or time consuming to prepare.  Give more focus in marketing dishes that are performing well and include them in your Iftar/Suhoor packages.

2)  Serve dishes “tapas” style

Tapas is a collection of small dishes that allows to the diners to easily graze through & enjoy multiple dishes.  This trendy style of portioning dishes does not only look visually appealing but also gives a higher perception for value. For example, for buffet set-ups, instead of displaying large platters of appetizers, serve them tapas style and allow guests to reorder again. It will also help keep your preparations & presentations looking fresh and at the same time control portioning and wastage.    

3) “Thoughtful” Marketing

Ramadan is a season that evokes feelings for family, kindness, and generosity. Consider adding or highlighting a seasonal Ramadan dish per week featuring the story of the person preparing that dish.  Give a simple free gift like a drink or dessert that can go with the meal or a voucher that would encourage another order. Simple thoughtful details can go a long way.