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The holy month of Ramadan is a special time. With the first two weeks focused on eating at home however, it’s important that restaurants follow this by making the most of their Iftar buffets. Draw in new custom and maximise your Ramadan with these solutions.

Getting your menu right

Exciting new menu items, based on global food trends with nods to tradition, will catch diners’ attention. UFS free e-books  include the latest snacks, and flavour-fusion and plant-based recipes to bring your menu to life. Our team can also work with you to design one-of-a-kind recipes to help you stand out from the crowd.

Eye-catching marketing

Running a promotion or excited about a brand-new dish you’ve created and want to make sure everyone knows? Create engaging posts on social media, and use bold, attention-grabbing front-of-house branding, such as window stickers, table caddies and standees.

Lure them in with a giveaway

Most potential customers love a freebie. Cost-effective giveaways that are on brand for your restaurant will appeal to a wide range of people. Offering a free dish, or bottomless drink top-ups as a contest prize for example, is an effective way to bring in new customers during Ramadan who may go on to visit year-round. 

Keep on top of stock levels and earn rewards

If clever marketing and menus mean your restaurant is bulging at the seams this Ramadan, you’ll need a simple, quick way to order in extra food and meet demand. The UFS Product Shop allows you to buy in supplies for speedy delivery, 24/7. You’ll also qualify for rewards points on

It’s a good idea to buy in bulk during the busy Ramadan season, too, saving you time and money. Take advantage of our frequent offers, with products in bigger order sizes often discounted by 20% or more.

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