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Whether your Iftar is a set menu or a fast-moving buffet, your diners will be expecting big things from the mains selection. You’ve set the standard with UFS soup and entrée recipes, so be innovative when it comes to mains, too.   

Ramadan is the perfect time to put colour and style on the table. We’ve taken inspiration from around the world to create recipes that surprise and delight your customers, inspired by the Future 50 Foods and on-trend ingredients like kale and mung beans. 

Our Ramadan Mains recipes –cater for everyone. Our vegan main kebbe uses pumpkin as its star ingredient for example. In these recipes, the flavours sing but we’ve made life easier for you in the kitchen – you’ll find slow-cooked stews and roasts as well as quick-assembly dishes, perfect for busy Ramadan feasts when you and your team are working hard.

Download the Ramadan mains e-book to discover a feast of flavours today. 

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