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So, you’ve planned nice and early, got everything ordered, and got staff organized and happy. When it comes to your iftar buffet layout, a bit of extra thought planning can avoid long lines of impatient, hungry diners for a much more pleasant experience for your diners.

Map out the journey your diners will take around the buffet tables to make sure it flows well and everything is quickly accessible. Reduce and bottlenecks and slow sections where needed.

Plates and cutlery
Have plates ready at the beginning of the serving area, so diners have plates as they reach the food. Place cutlery at the end of the journey to avoid struggling with too many things while serving themselves.

and mains Having separate areas for appetizers and mains can help with the flow and speed up diner traffic. Put some space between the most popular dishes to keep diners from building up around them. Make sure there are plenty of serving utensils – ladle, tongs, spoons – alongside each dish.

Individual bread servings help speed things up, rather than bread that requires cutting.

A separate table for drinks helps keep the food queue free flowing. Pitchers of water and Fresh Brewed Iced Tea at individual diners’ tables reduces traffic around the drinks area. See our articles on Ice Tea for more Ramadan beverage inspiration.

Individual dessert servings are easy for diners to pick up and take to theirtable. They can also be cost-effective to produce. See our Recipe Section for inspiration.

With careful planning and forethought, you and your staff will craft a Ramadan to remember.

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