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When you think of Hollandaise, you think about Eggs Benedict.

But there is so much more to it!

Knorr Professional Hollandaise Sauce is a wonderfully versatile base that you can incorporate across breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner occasions. In fact, this is the secret sauce to creating new and exciting dishes without the additional labour or cost!

Don’t think of Knorr Professional Hollandaise Sauce to just create new menu items, think of it as menu elevation that can add decadence to your proteins, vegetables, fish and of course your breakfast offering.

Here are 10 ways to simply snip, heat and pour your way to greatness:

With this sauce, bring in a breakfast classic - orange juice - into the meal, not just on the side!

Spicy Hollandaise

Spice up your diners’ experience with this saucy number.

Hollandaise on breakfast

A down-right tasty alternative to your average waffle.

Hollandaise and Jalapeno

This spicy Hollandaise is a delightful and tasty sauce to try.

Zesty Hollandaise

This sauce will definitely become a menu favourite overnight.

Chive Hollandaise

Use this sauce to serve your omelette differently and delight your diners.

Zesty and bright. Add this surprisingly delightful sauce to your breakfast spread.

Mustard hollandaise

Don’t just serve it for breakfast, serve it for lunch and dinner too!

If Hollandaise is the mother sauce, then Béarnaise is the first daughter and apple of her mother’s eye.

Mix up your traditional eggs benny with delicious pesto served with flavour-packed grilled vegetables.


Knorr Professional Hollandaise Sauce is a quick way to add more to your menu and meals, while limiting wastage of unused scratch sauce.

So what are you waiting for? Add some of these sauces to your specials board and try this versatile product today!