Falafel Mix:

  • Chickpeas, Dry 250 g
  • Broad Beans,dry Peeled 500 g
  • Grated onions 100 g
  • Garlic clove minced 29 g
  • Red chilli, chopped 20 g
  • Parsley, roughly chopped 150 g
  • Cumin powder 6 g
  • Dried coriander powder 4 g
  • Salt 15 g
  • Black pepper, ground 2 g
  • Bicarbonate soda 15 g
  • Frying oil 2 l

Tahini Sauce:


  • Arabic bread 10 pc
  • Tomato, cubes 200 g
  • Mint leaves 50 g
  • Pickles, Turnip 200 g
  • Lettuce 200 g
  1. Falafel Mix:

    • Soak chickpeas and broad beans in cold water overnight, drain well
    • Using meat mincer or food processor, blend all ingredients together except corn oil for frying.
    • If mix is dry, add a little water to get a wet crumble mix that is easy to shape.
    • In a deep fry pan, reheatfrying oil to medium high heat or 160°C, shape falafel into balls or using a falafel baller and deep fry until golden colour.
    • Remove from oil and let drain excess oil.

  2. Tahini Sauce:

    • Using a blender or hand whisk, mix all ingredients together to get smooth tahini dressing.
  3. Sandwich:

    • Spread Bread on chopping board, crush falafel pieces top with all vegetable and drizzle tahini sauce, wrap sandwich and serve.