• Chicken breast, butterfly, tenderized 1.8 kg
  • Eggs 4 pc
  • Seasoned Flour 200 g
  • Chinese bread crumbs 500 g


  • Boiling water 1.1 l
  • Chives, Fresh Chopped 50 g
  • Cooking cream 60 ml
  • Butter 60 g

Cheese Sauce


  • Rocket leaves 100 g
  1. Marinade:

    • Blend all ingredients together till smooth and marinate chicken overnight.
  2. Chicken:

    • Whisk eggs together, and pané the chicken. First flour, then egg and lastly breadcrumbs (Pane), pan fry till golden brown and cooked through.
  3. Mash:

    • Whisk theKnorr Mashed Potato into the hot water and rest for 2 minute then add the butter, cream and whisk together. Stir in the chives.
  4. Cheese Sauce

    • Heat the Knorr Hollandaise Sauce, stir through the cheese to melt then whisk in the milk.
  5. Plating:

    • Spoon some of the mash on the pate, slice the schnitzel length ways and stack on top of the mash. Garnish with the rocket and finish sauce.