Karak Chai Tea:

  1. Karak Chai Tea:

    • Start by peeling your ginger and cutting half an inch into slices.
    • In a metal sauce pan, pour a cup of water and add all your spices: 4 whole cardamom pods (or count 12 seeds per pod) as your key ingredient + 3 to 4 cloves, a piece of cinnamon stick and ginger.
    • Add two teabags minimum as the water comes to a boil and leave it for 2 minutes until the water turns to a dark colour. For a very strong brew, turn off the heat and let it brew aside for a few more minutes.
    • Lower to medium heat, add half a cup of full-fat milk and sugar, then bring to a boil. Stir.
    • Pour the infusion through a strainer.
    • Serve hot, forming foam on top.
  2. Tips:

    • Karak Chai literally means “strong tea” – keep this in mind to achieve a thick and flavourful brew. Milk will balance and sweeten the infusion and turn it into a creamy latte.
    • Buying spices in whole is both cheaper and has a longer shelf life than ground powder; this applies to cardamom, cinnamon and fresh ginger.
    • You can ask your clients how strong they would like their tea to be. For a stronger brew, let the teabag steep longer.
    • Canned evaporated cardamom milk fades the flavours and smell that we are aiming for; use full-fat milk instead.
    • Remember: “Tasting makes perfect!”